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All work in videoproduction is dividedinto 3 stages

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"Magnit" is one of the leading retail chains in Russia in the food trade, the leader in the number of stores and geography.

The multinational hotel brand, operated by Marriott International, is aimed at business travelers.

A South Korean automobile manufacturing company. The largest automaker in the country and the fourth in the world.

A Chinese international company that produces digital electronic devices.

ROSBANKROT company is a leader in the market of legal services in the direction of bankruptcy of citizens in the Volga region.

The oldest enterprise of the Republic of Mordovia, which has been operating on the dairy market for more than 87 years.

Компания РМ Рейл - интегрированный производитель грузового подвижного состава в России.

RM Rail is an integrated manufacturer of freight rolling stock in Russia.

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